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Check out our camp website for all camp information HERE 


Day School

We are blessed to have the Esformes Hebrew Academy here in Ormond Beach. Find out more about our school HERE 


Kosher Food

We have one location with Kosher food!

Winn-Dixie supermarket on 353 W. Granada Blvd. Click HERE for directions.  


Just 1 mile from the Chabad center is sleep in hotel. Click HERE to visit their website. 



Thanks to the generosity of the Maman family, we have both a men's and women's mikvah on site. The men's mikvah is open daily form 7:00  A.M. - 8:30 A.M

For women's mikva hours and/or to schedule an appointment, click HERE.  



We currently have an Eruv here in town which is checked weekly to ensure it's kosher status. For Eruv status please call the office 386-672-9300. To see the Eruv boundaries click HERE