Standard Academics are not the only things that a student needs to succeed!  We believe a student should be challenged and stretched in all areas, so that they can become experts in their strengths, and grow their weaknesses.  Each week the student attends each special area: art, music, and physical education.

ART  (Mrs. Heather Khalifeh): Art is a chance to visually express oneself.  Ms. Khalifeh takes students through the fun that is self-expression and exploration through the visual arts.  They complete a number of projects through the year, and she often incorporates their projects into the standard academic studies and into the Curriculum Fairs that we hold. 

art2.jpg art.jpg


MUSIC  While Art is a visual art, Music is an auditory art.  Music here is an expression of self through sound, movement, rhythm, and harmony.  It can be deeply individual or powerfully combined as a group.  We continually grow our program to include instrument study, general music knowledge, band orchestration, and more!



PHYSICAL EDUCATION  P.E. is more than just recess!  Its fitness, flexibility, exercise, and fun.