Jewish Sound Radio Show 

At 9:06 a.m. every Sunday morning in Daytona Beach, Florida, something very special happens. All you have to do is turn on your radio to WNDB, 1150 AM (a CBS affiliate, the best station in town, and the home of Rush Limbaugh), or 93.5 FM and the next thing you know, you will be listening to "The Jewish Sound" radio show. With some great Shlock Rock music in the background, the announcer states: "LIVE, FROM DAYTONA BEACH — IT'S THE JEWISH SOUND! I'm Motti Hershkowitz along with Rabbi Pinchas Ezagui of the Chabad Center in Ormond Beach, with Jewish music, prizes, contests, great topics, Jewish stories, Yiddish word of the day and lots lots more..

For over twenty three years, we have been on the air helping to bring Yiddishkeit and "all the answers to your Jewish questions" right into the homes and cars of our listeners. What a fantastic experience it has been —and what a true involvement in Judaism it has been for not only myself and my wife, but my entire family and community.

The topics of the show are varied: sometimes it's the Torah portion of the week; sometimes, a current holiday; sometimes a general subject, such as "marriage." We always gear the show toward an informative, educational and inspirational format — to bring us closer to an understanding of what it is to be, and live life as, a Jew.

On the show, I ask questions, introduce great music and do commercials for sponsors such as Ocean Club, Glatt Kosher Jerusalem Restaurant & Grocery and Virtual Reality Palm Coast. We also take calls from our listeners, who have a question to ask, who give us their version of the Yiddish word of the day, or who give us a recipe. We also have a lot of contests, with prizes like a Flying Pizza, a Seder Plate, a menorah, or a kiddush cup.

There have been some great moments on the show. We've interviewed different Rabbis, professionals, Consul generals, comedians like Alan King  over the years, and my own wife, Chani, whom I hope to get on more often. There have been many other special shows, but too many to mention in this one short article!

In the meantime, please do what I say on every "Jewish Sound" radio show — JOIN US!


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