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MAP Parent Tool Kit


20th vs 21st Century Education  


Intro to Technology Integration   *One that did not work at presentation




Step Back from Helicopter Parenting to Let Kids Grow

"Kids need involved and active parents in order for them to successfully mature. However if parents constantly hover and prevent them from failing at every turn, kids never have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes."  


Importance of Free Play

"...Dr. Peter Gray, who has been studying play for years, says there’s strong evidence that in this case, the decline in play is leading to a rise in depression and acute anxiety among young people."


Importance of Integrating Technology

"The educational opportunities that technology gives to students are not only amazing, they are transformative!"


The Building Blocks of a Good PreK

 "We do not need to pick between play and academic rigor." 

A Very Scary Headline about Kindergarten

" In place of discovery and exploration, tots are trained to sit still and listen, to memorize lists of letters, numbers, and colors...This dreary version of early-childhood education isn’t just disrespectful of children; decades of research show it simply doesn’t work well — and may  even be damaging ."


How to react to shy kids  

"Shyness can be a help or a handicap to a child, depending partly on how it’s handled."


Responding to Kids Interests

"That's one of the mysteries of parenting, teaching or coaching; you never really know which moments or events make an impact on a child's life."


Food's Importance for the Brain

A study of 160 foods and spices shows which foods can encourage brain growth and memory.  


>> Link to study mentioned in article


  Sleep's Effect on the Brain

"The amount of sleep each person needs depends on many factors, including age. Infants generally require about 16 hours a day, while teenagers need about 9 hours on average."



Conference Video 


(Maintaining a balance with your children's self-image)

*Many of these are TED Talks.  These are very short (often 5-20 minutes) and creative presentations by experts! They are WELL worth your time.

1 1 Amazing TED Talks about Children and Early Childhood Education


  • What we learn before we're born (16:46 minutes)
  • The child-driven education (17:11) 
  • What do babies think? (18:26) 
  • How a boy became an artist (18:41)
  • Kids Need Structure (17:46) 
  • 5 dangerous things you should let your children do (9:22) 
  • Gaming to re-engage boys in learning (12:32) 
  • The linguistic genius of babies (10:15) 
  • Teaching kids math with computers (17:16)
  • Teach every child about food (21:50) 
  • Let's raise kids to be entreprenuers (19:33) 


More TED Talks on Child Development


  • How Youth Thrive (21:27)
  •  The World Needs All Kinds of Minds (19:43)
  •  Science is for Everyone, Kids Included (15:22)
  •  From the Baby's Point of View (18:11) 


25 TED Talks on Parenting 



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